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Xjenza Online Vol. 1 Iss. 2 - October 2013

Title Author
Editorial Giuseppe Di Giovanni
1. Operational Results with Fast Automatic Beam-Based LHC Collimator Alignment Gianluca Valentino, Ralph W. Assmann, Roderik Bruce, Stefano Redaelli, Belen Salvachua, Nicholas Sammut and Daniel Wollmann
2. Serotonin, how to find it... Francesco Crespi
3. The Pygmalion-Galatea myth in relation to simulation scenarios in Star Trek Victor Grech
4. Stroke patients' interpretation of symptoms and presentation to hospital Gabrielle Scicluna, Maria Mallia, Mark Gruppetta, Francesca Theuma, Simon Aquilina and Josanne Aquilina

5. Pollen Characterisation of Maltese Honey

Claudette Gambin, Edwin Lanfranco and David Mifsud
6. The role of Public Transport in addressing Sustainable Mobility for the Elderly Population in Malta Deborah Mifsud and Maria Attard
7. A Study of Nano-Particle Based Silane Consolidants for Globigerina Limestone Sophie M Briffa, Maria J Mosquera and Daniel Vella
8. Optical Glauber Modeling in High-Energy Nuclear Collisions Jurgen Mifsud and Thorsten Kollegger
9. Nicotine Addiction: A Review Jacob Vella and Giuseppe di Giovanni
10. Lessons from an unplanned scientific and academic life Francis Vella
11. Webcast courses in Medical Genetics and Next Generation Sequencing Isabella Borg
Proceedings - Interdisciplinary Chemical Approaches for Neuropathology CM1103 - 4th Neuroscience Day at University of Malta