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Xjenza Online Vol. 2 Iss. 2 - October 2014

Title Author
Editorial Nicholas Sammut
1. WanderRep: A reporting Tool for Caregivers of Wandering Persons with Dementia Colin Cachia, Conrad Attard and Matthew Montebello
2. Dynamics of Private Social Networks Jonathan Mifsud and Matthew Montebello
3. Uniqueness Typing For A Higher-Order Language Adrian Francalanza and Melanie Zammit
4. Formal Proofs for Broadcast Algorithms Mandy Zammit and Adrian Francalanza

5. Monitoring Distributed Systems with Distributed PolyLarva

Ian Cassar, Adrian Francalanza and Christian Colombo
6. Warpage issues in large area mould embedding technologies Russell Farrugia, Ivan Grech, Owen Casha, Joseph Micallef, Edward Gatt, Roseanne Duca and Conrad Cachia
7. Meeting Report - Neuropathology and Neuropharmacology of Monoaminergic systems Rona R. Ramsay and Philippe De Deurwaerdère
8. Conference Proceedings  
9. Representational Momentum and the Human Face: an empirical note Ian M. Thornton
10. Viscosity of liquid GaxNi100-x alloys A. Yakymovych
11. A Fruitful Fly Forward: The Role of the Fly in Drug Discovery for Neurodegeneration Michelle Briffa, Neville Vassallo & Ruben J. Cauchi
12. Select polyphenols protect mitochondria against amyloid aggregates in Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases Mario Caruana and Neville Vassallo

13. A 10 year review of the number of bovine dairy holdings and the dairy bovine population on the Maltese Islands

Mauro Buttigieg, Matteo Gianesella & Andrew James
14. Measuring β-cell function in vivo to understand the pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes Luca P. Farrugia and Adrian Vella
15. Science in the House 2014 with Members of Parliament David C. Magri
16. In memory of Prof. Giuseppe Amato (1944-2004) Giuseppe Crescimanno