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Xjenza Online Vol. 4 Iss. 1 - July 2016

Title Author
1. 20th Anniversary of Xjenza (July 1996 - July 2016), the official Journal of the Malta Chamber of Scientists A. A. Xuereb, G. Di Giovanni
2. Escalation of fireworks in Malta: environmental forensic evidence from perchlorate in dust fall C. Pace, A. Vella
3. The re-emergence of the B1 cell compartment: Is this a pre-lymphoma stage? N. Formosa, C. Saliba, S. Baldacchino, D. J. Camilleri, G. Grech
4. Influence of antimony on structure and physical properties of tin A. Yakymovych, S. Mudry, Y. Plevachuk, V. Sklyarchuk, V. Sidorov
5. Numerical modelling and economics of agricultural land degradation in the Maltese Islands D. Sultana
6. Economic and labour market implications of global environmental change on agriculture and viticulture in Malta A. Meli
7. Geology and wines of Pachino – Portopalo area. Preliminary outlines

P. Carveni, P. Sibi, A. Torre, F. Torre, M. Valletta

8. Dativizable or Non-dativizable: That is the question? A syntactic-semantic analysis of English (non)-dativizable constructions in the production of a set of 2L1 English/Spanish simultaneous bilingual twins

S. Sánchez Calderón, R. Fernández Fuertes

9. CM1106 STEMCHEM: Chemical Approaches to Targeting Drug-Resistance in Cancer Stem Cells

P. Schembri-Wismayer, A. Cassar, K. Blaire Theuma, I. Stipourou, D. Passarella, S. Suleiman, N. Micallef

10. Supramolecular Chemistry in Water: Self-Assembly of Multi-Component Fluorescent Molecular Logic Gates in Micelles D. C. Magri, P. F. da Costa, K. A. Paterson
11. Accessibility as an indicator of transport equity. The case of public transport infrastructure in Malta, and its impact on the elderly T. Bajada, D. Mifsud, F. Di Ciommo

12. Reviewing the review process: New Frontiers of Peer Review

R. Wijesinha-Bettoni, K. Shankar, A. Marusic, F. Grimaldo, M. Seeber, B. Edmonds, C. Franzoni, F. Squazzoni

13. A culture collection of Maltese microorganisms for application in biotechnology, biomedicine and industry

G. Zammit

14. The First Malta Brain Awareness Week

G. Di Giovanni