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Call for Papers: Forthcoming Special Issues

Xjenza Online is issuing a call for papers for forthcoming special issues! Special Issues are an important component of Xjenza Online, dealing with more focused topics with high current interest falling within the scope of the journal in which they are published. They should be organized by recognized experts in the area and attract articles of the highest quality. Special Issue proposals are welcome at any time during the year, and should be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For more information, click here to read more, or navigate to the guidelines section.


SI on COST Malta

Guest Editors:
Magri D, D`Amico S and Mifsud J

SI "The Maltese Infosphere: Tradition and Innovation in Knowledge and Information Management in Malta"

Guest Editors:
Dr Marc Kosciejew (University of Malta) and Ms Anne Welsh (University College London)

Since the founding of the Department of Library Information and Archive Sciences (LIAS) at the University of Malta in 1993, Knowledge and Information Management research and practice has grown in both scope and depth. While the Department originally began with a focus on the traditional information professions of librarianship and archival work, its subject expertise, matter, and interests have expanded enormously in terms of the phenomena address and the theories and practical case studies deployed to explain them.

To help celebrate over twenty years of scholarship and practice in the LIAS Department and the growing importance and impact of Knowledge and Information Management, particularly in Malta, a Special Issue of Xjenza comprising diverse articles on this subject will help make further important contributions to both the literature and profession. This Special Issue will showcase some of the Knowledge and Information Management research and work in Malta in order to share the achievements, latest developments, and new opportunities in the field. It will appeal to scholars and professionals related to Knowledge and Information Management in education, government, and industry. While this Special Issue’s primary focus is on the local Maltese scene, it will also be of broader interest and have wider implications for other Knowledge and Information Management contexts.

We invite contributions to a Special Issue of Xjenza comprising material related to Knowledge and Information Management scholarship, case studies, and practice preferably with a focus on Malta. These contributions will reflect the current state of the Maltese infosphere whilst having the potential to direct and inform future research and practical efforts.

Details of Article Content, Author Instructions, and Submission
This Special Issue of Xjenza seeks submissions including research articles (8,000 – 10,000 words), review articles (4,000 – 6,000 words), and communications or notes (1,000 -1,500 words) on Knowledge and Information Management issues, with a particular focus on Malta. Submissions will be subject to a blind peer-reviewed process.

Possible topics for contributions may include:

  • Knowledge and Information Management theories and frameworks
  • Knowledge and Information Management practice
  • Knowledge and Information Management case studies
  • Traditions, innovations, and new approaches to and practices in librarianship
  • The roles of libraries and information in community cultural, economic, educational, or political development
  • Libraries/librarianship and literacy
  • Archives-related research in the Maltese context
  • Historical aspects of written and printed culture in Malta
  • Specific challenges faced by the Maltese information professionals: legal environment, cultural factors, social attitudes, digital and physical infrastructures, academic qualifications, professional skills, etc.
  • Please review the full submission requirements and author instructions here. 

Further Information
For questions regarding the content, submission requirements, or submission process of this Special Issue, please contact the guest editors:

Dr Marc Kosciejew
Ms Anne Welsh (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

SI on "Global Environmental Change & Small Islands"

Guest Editors:
Godfrey Baldacchino
Professor of Sociology, University of Malta, Malta

Rising sea levels threaten coastal communities and trigger wholesale evacuations. Changing atmospheric conditions reduce rainfall and exacerbate flash floods. Ocean acidification and other changes in oceanographic parameters will affect the distribution, productivity and resilience of commercially targeted fish stocks. Salt water intrusions prejudice water supplies and jeopardise crops. Most predictions of environmental change portend a significant impact on island environments throughout the world, including the extinction of endemic species, the wholesale depopulation of island communities, as well as the thorough ‘drowning’ of some island states.

Already susceptible to environmental impacts, and with fragile economic systems, small island states and territories are likely to experience large-scale shifts in their economies and their labour markets as a result of the impact of global environmental change.

This special thematic section of XJENZA will draw on material commissioned by the Centre for Labour Studies at the University of Malta and presented at a recent international symposium on the economic and labour market implications of climate change on Malta, examined as a small island archipelago and, therefore, with a deliberate focus on four economic sectors that are crucial to small island jurisdictions: agriculture, fisheries, transportation and tourism. These four papers will be contextualised within a critical social-anthropological perspective that grounds the reticence, denial and fatalism with which the whole topic of 'global environmental change' is met outside the narrow environmental science community.