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Jan 2013 - The Natural, The Synthetic and The Ugly

Organic, Natural, Natural Origin, are all buzz words littered on everyday products. The backlash unleashed by the chemical revolution of the 20th century coupled with increasing obesity has pushed many people to focus on leading a healthier lifestyle. But what if the very definitions of what is natural, artificial and synthetic are actually misleading?  

Maria Gauci will be talking about synthetic and natural products in the next Malta Café Scientifique talk: The Natural, The Synthetic and The Ugly. The event will be on Thursday 10 Jan, 7.30pm (doors open 7.15) Music Room, St James Cavalier, Valletta.

She will be questioning whether science can successfully bridge the gap between natural and non-natural through synthetic chemistry? Whether a 'natural product' can be harmful? What is synthetic life? The meaning of artificial products? And, whether some 'synthetic' drugs are necessary?a