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Feb 2013 - Archaeology and Science: Strange Bedfellows or Marriage in Heaven?

Richard III face was plastered everywhere by the media. Researchers traced his steps, identified a carpark in Leicester, dug up his bones, scanned him, took his DNA and a myriad of other scientific tests. They identified his lineage, reconstructed his face and sent the public into a blaze of excitement. This is modern archaeology.

Dr Timmy Gambin will be giving a Malta Cafe Scientifique talk on Archaeology and Science: Bedfellows?. The event will be on Thursday 21 Feb, 7.30pm (doors open 7.15) Music Room, St James Cavalier, Valletta.

He will talk will focus
on the relationship between archaeology and science. Dr Gambin has used the latest technology to explore marine sites around Malta and the Mediterranean, which he will explore during his talk. 

Archaeology is firmly rooted in the Humanities; archaeologists often speak of scientific methods. Is this paradoxical or justified? 

This conflict and another two fundamental topics (come along to find out) will be discussed, followed by a discussion open to all.

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