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Mar 2013 - Into the Looking Glass

Will it rain tomorrow? Should I invest in a stock? Will this virus spread? Where will the next severe earthquake be? Will I meet traffic on my way to work tomorrow?

Dr Kenneth Scerri will try to answer these queries in the next Malta Café Scientifique talk entitled Into the looking glass. The event will be at 7.30 Thursday 14th March, (doors open 7.15) Music Room, St James Cavalier, Valletta.

If we knew the answers to these questions we would all be dryer, richer and less stressed by traffic. But can modern technology answer them? 

During his talk Dr Scerri will explore the processes of mathematical modeling, data gathering and computer simulation for the prediction of these complex tasks. He will hint at the mathematical developments that made it possible, talk about the limits of today’s technology and exciting future possibilities.

And if all this mathematics is not enough for good prediction — let’s toss a coin.